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Constructive Criticism for the Discerning Author

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This is a place for authors to post their writings and for readers to give constructive feedback. We have some ground rules:

1. All stories to be critiqued must be posted to this comm.

2. While anyone may join concrit_my_fic, to get posting rights (if you have writing you would like critiqued) you need to send an e-mail to lavvyan at web dot de with the following disclaimer: "I would like posting access to Concrit My Fic. I understand that while all of the criticism I receive will be constructive, it may not all be positive." Be sure to include your LJ name in the e-mail.

3. Authors: The choice as to whether to f-lock your posts is up to you. There are advantages to both sides of the argument and we trust that you will know what works best for you.

4. Anonymous commenting is not allowed. If your comments are constructive, you don't need to be anonymous. If they aren't constructive, they shouldn't be posted here.

5. All comments should be constructive. This does not mean that they have to be positive. For further details on what is and is not constructive criticism, please read this post. Non-constructive comments (whether they be positive or negative) will be deleted without warning.

Finally, this comm is really not intended for pleasure reading. We ask that if you choose to read fic on this comm, that you leave concrit every time. We also ask that all authors read at least *two* stories for every one that they post and give concrit for everything that they read while here.

For further clarifications see also our etiquette tips for giving constructive criticism, etiquette tips for receiving constructive criticism and our FAQ post.